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Linda's Ancestors Nigel's Ancestors

Where a person may still be alive their record has been hidden or most information removed

Hall Family

From Langley Park and Brancepeth, Co Durham

(updated 03 Jan 2013)

Croft Family

From Lincolnshire and Barnsley, South Yorks

(updated 19 Aug 2012)

Hutton Family

From Sunderland, Co Durham

(updated 15 Mar 2013)

Taylor Family

From Castleford, West Yorks and Barnsley

(updated 12 June 2013)

Bunn Family

From Essex and Langley Park

(updated 12 June 2013)

Blackburn Family

From Barnsley

(updated 12 June 2013)

Gibson Family

From Northumberland and Cumbria

(updated 15 Mar 2013)

Benson Family

From Thornhill, West Yorks and Barnsley

(updated 12 June 2013)

Other Family Trees Some of these Family Trees are Password protected

Jane's Family Tree

Branches from Scotland, Norfolk and Northamptonshire

Phil's Family Tree

Branches from Cornwall, Wales and Hertfordshire

The Atkinson Connection

The ancestors of my children through their father, mostly in Sheffield

Priestley Family History

In the Nottinghamshire villages of North and South Collingham

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